The Paranoid Watchers of the Universe

by The Bloody Oranges

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Kaity Seitz
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Kaity Seitz Cheerfully sinister, as if it's trying to lure you in to its web and convince it's what you wanted all along. Like a dream that is trying to hide the fact it's a nightmare.
It's a lament; a requiem for a lost soul drifting further and further from home with no hope for return. What starts as desperation turns to acceptance of the inevitable. It's thought provoking, emotional, disturbing, and beautiful all at the same time.

Well done.
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"left me feeling like I was kicked in the gut..."

"beautiful and frightening and silly and haunting."

"uplifting in spite of its often bleak subject matter."

"At once dreamy, subdued, retro, and spaced. A true destination album. Would go great as an alternate soundtrack to 2001 when Dave Bowman enters the Infinite."

What started as an attempt at an electronic, proggy type thing, quickly grew into a rather creepy little record. 9779779 being the centrepiece in that department. Based on a bizarre shortwave radio transmission that Ron chanced upon, 9779779 became the foundation of the album. The origin of that freaky broadcast remains a mystery, but it fits perfectly in this story of The Paranoid Watchers of The Universe.

A Psychedelic B-movie Horror Story In Space. For Your Ears.

They are watching. And they are judging you.

Radiohead + Hawkwind + Brian Eno = The potion that fueled this endeavor.

Be sure to view the PDF included in the zip folder of the album. It contains your decoder "one-time pad" for solving the numbers message.


released April 15, 2014

Ron Evans & Jon Mark Pitts


all rights reserved



The Bloody Oranges Wenatchee

Ballads of intergalactic spaceship battles. Heart felt love songs with a slant toward the dark side. Odes to B-Movie monsters, Aliens and Zombies. Welcome to the strangely comforting world of The Bloody Oranges.

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